Coming at you straight from the heartland of the midwest and from the home of the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Paul Nowles is a Virtual Entertainer, Vocalist, musician,
songwriter, and performer. Classic Rock and local music from Cleveland - The North Coast,
Memorable tunes from New Jersey - the East Coast, Original music created by Paul Nowles and friends,
and timeless rock classics from all over the world. Bon Jovi, Springsteen, Tom Wait, John Cafferty,
Michael Stanley, Beau Coup, American Noise, Champion, Wild Cherry, Eric Carmen, Artful Dodger, Robert Palmer,
Bowie, U2, Matt Corby, to name a few... Come hear music you have not heard in a long time, or something you
may be hearing for the first time. Music to bring back memories or make new ones.

Paul Nowles is an entertainer in the Virtual Worlds of Second Life, InWorldz, Avi Nation, and the Canadian Grid for the last 6 years. 
An IT professional in real life and a recording studio engineer with a passion for music.
A guitarist for over 35 years, keyboards, bass, drums, and vocalist for over 40 years. Starting singing and
performing with Cleveland's world renowned Singing Angels (as featured on the Bob Hope Christmas specials), and
performing/fronting several bands in the Cleveland band scene. Virtual performing is a passion and a challenge to
connect with the audience. Emphasis on everyone having a great time and feeling welcomed is the prime goal.
It's a party, and your invited...
"Most fun you can have with your clothes on...:P)"

It's time to rock, time to dance, time to have fun !!!